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Our Business

Since 2003, Peterson Capital has helped Canada's leading private and public companies in the micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap sectors raise funds and increase their capital markets support.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Professional introductions of your company to our network of 700 qualified and pre-screened Investment Advisors across Canada, as well as select family wealth managers in Europe. These IAs manage more than $5 billion and are active investors in growth companies with market caps of any size, from micro-cap to large cap.
  • A team approach - we work with your internal IR department in a cost-effective and flexible campaign that will leverage your existing IR assets
  • Flexible and cost-efficient– we are fully committed to deliver tangible results to you in 90 days or less. Our fees are competitive and flexible. We work on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term commitment, and you can stop at any time by giving us simple notice.

Once we’re engaged, here’s what we do:

  1. We will work with you and put together a powerful, retail-focused Fact Sheet that offers the highlights of your company, the key reasons to buy, as well as Milestones and Catalysts. We will then individually call and introduce your story to those IAs in our 700-strong IA network who we believe will  have a genuine  interest in it. Each of our IAs has a different appetite for different stories depending on sector, market cap, liquidity and financing requirements. We focus only on the ones who are best suited to follow your company.
  2. Shortly after this initial call, we’d follow up on a second wave of calls to our selected IAs across Canada with a corporate update and set up individual 1-1 meetings with your management team to those IAs who’d like to meet with you.  You’ll meet face-to-face likely 50-75 IAs in this first round of meetings, pitch them personally, and forge a strong relationship.
  3. In Months Two and, if necessary, Month Three with us, we will follow up with a third set of calls to our selected IAs and, depending on your availability, set up more 1-1 meetings. At the end of our mandate, we will turn over to you and your internal IR team a list of likely 100 to 125 fully qualified and interested IAs who will be interested in supporting your story.

Our Investment Advisor network covers independent and bank-owned dealers in these major centres, which all have different areas of focus:

  • Vancouver – mining, technology, green tech and special sits.
  • Edmonton – service industries, manufacturing, oil & gas, funds.
  • Calgary – oil & gas, structured products and late stage private equity
  • Toronto – technology, fund management, finance, fintech and private equity
  • Montréal – technology, precious & base metals, special sits
  • Geneva – private equity, fintech resources, biotech & pharma