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About PetersonPeterson CapitalCapital

Peterson Capital provides capital markets advisory, corporate communications and merchant banking services to Canada's leading growth companies.

We specialize in helping CEOs earn more capital markets support for their company, raising their profile and helping provide easier access to financing sources.

We do this by introducing our clients to our network of leading Investment Advisors, fund managers, investment bankers and family office managers in Canada and in Europe.


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Our Team

Rick Peterson - President

More than 30 years in Canadian capital markets. Investment Advisor, institutional sales, investment banking experience at senior roles at Midland Walwyn Capital Inc, Merrill Lynch Canada, Yorkton Securities and HSBC Securities.

Founded Peterson Capital in 2003. Former Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate.


Rick Peterson

Greg Stumph - CFO

Ten years experience of planning, coordinating and directing accounting operations.

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Alberta, 2011


Greg Stumph

Nicole Loghin - Sr. Vice President

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing – Concordia University, John Molson School of Business

Venture capital business manager with Aentib Group, Montreal

Investor Relations Manager with Grit Capital, Toronto


Nicole Loghin

Daniel Kozel - Vice President

Daniel Kozel has 5+ years of business development experience, and has previously helped raise $20M+ for various companies in the capital markets space while connecting multiple investment advisors with leaders of various growth companies.

With previous roles in the banking, commercial lending and fintech, Dan holds a Bachelors of Commerce with a Double Major in Marketing and Finance from the John Molson School Of Business in Montreal and has an extensive amount of passion for helping others learn about financial markets.


Daniel Kozel

Michelle Borromeo - Vice President

Investor relations, corporate communications and corporate development professional in mining, oil & gas, energy and clean tech industries

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Minor in Geology from Simon Fraser University


Michelle Borromeo

David Kean - Vice President

Twenty-eight year career as Chartered Investment Manager, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor and as Vice-President of a bank-owned investment dealer.

Founder of Niche Investor Services, a subscription-based retail investor advisory service. Based in Fredericton, NB.


David Kean

Ross Rayment - Vice President

Former Investment Advisor with Richardson GMP in Calgary for 8 years

Three decades of success in the creation, development, growth, operation and sale of businesses in construction services, real estate, agriculture and technology.

BA, University of Calgary; currently enrolled in MBA program


Ross Rayment

Benjamin Zumstein - VP European Institutional Sales

Based in Nyon, Switzerland – more than 25 years experience providing investment advice to in equities, private equity and funds for institutional clients.

Client base of institutional funds and family offices in Zurich, Basel, London, Geneva, Lugano, Luxembourg, Dubai.


Benjamin Zumstein

Stephan Peterson - Business Development Associate

Stephan has 10 years professional experience in production, development, sales and marketing for Canada’s leading media outlets.

He joined Peterson Capital as a Business Development Associate in September of 2019.

University of Concordia – B.A. Communications & John Molson School of Business diploma


Stephan Peterson

Amy Hoey - Business Development Associate

Corporate Communications and Business Development Associate with Vancouver-based investor relations firm.

Communications and Marketing Manager with Metal Investment News; Brand Experience Director with RYU Apparel Inc.


Amy Hoey

Ryan Atkins - Head of Merchant Banking

More than 25 years accounting, legal and finance expertise in Canada and the U.S.Complete due diligence and asset acquisition review and advisory services for potential target businesses and companies.

Capital markets advisory with respect to timing, amounts and valuations associated with debt and equity financing. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or M&A and securities related legal advisory services


Ryan Atkins

Angela Guignon - Office Manager

More than 20 years experience as project and administrative professional

Assures accurate, timely and detailed reports and databases for our clients

Angela Guidnon

Our Network

Executive Search

Current Opportunities

Tracy Rainkie – VP, Executive Search

Former investment banking analyst with Scotia Capital in Calgary, 2001-2004; Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Calgary.

More than ten years of executive search experience from large, global top tier firms. Conducted several hundred domestic and international searches for both public and private organizations and successfully placed a significant number of C-suite and senior level executives in a variety of disciplines and a variety of industries/sectors.

Focused on serving executive search needs of Peterson Capital public and private corporate clients as well as for associated capital markets relationships with our network of investment professionals across Canada


Tracy Rainkie

Peterson Capital’s Executive Search business offers one of Canada’s leading, best-in-class executive search platforms.

We leverage Peterson Capital’s extensive capital markets network and relationships with leading public and private companies to quickly and successfully solve your hiring needs. We cover a wide range of fast-growing markets in Canada, the US and in Europe.

Our team has successfully concluded hundreds of searches from junior to mid-level roles, up to the C-suite and board level and is highly capable of successfully executing in several fast growing markets, including the investment industry, venture capital, technology, manufacturing, resource, health care, biotech and real estate sectors.

We work quickly, efficiently and are results-driven professionals. We take a hands-on, collaborative and customizable approach to fully understand your company and your culture.

We deliver.


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